Networks Table Tennis League 2011 | The Ultimate Table Tennis Championship | Administrator : Jay Vupham
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NTTL 2011 UTTC  Scheduled GAMES

Explanation : 2 x CHAMPIONSHIP games and 2 x DIVISION games to be played anytime, anywhere either OCSF3 booking to be made with Jason Dieu for between 1200-1300 Mon-Fri or after 1700 everyday without booking. Games can also be completed within the NMC OCSEG, in any given month. The CHAMPIONSHIP games will be uploaded on the left and the DIVISION games will be on the right.
The 3rd location for League Matched will be confirmed shortly.


CHAMPIONSHIP Games 1 and 2




DIVISION Games 1 and 2


                          Summary of Game Rules
·           4 games to be completed at anytime in any order in any given month. 2 x combined DIVISION games               and 2 x DIVISION games.

·        1 optional game of doubles is available for the interested parties. You can team up with any other
           League Members irrespective of their rating.

·        5 minutes of warm up are allowed. Practice games are also encouraged if your opponent allows such.

·        Each game consists of best of 3 sets of first to 11 points and wins by 2. [ie. 11-7, 13-11, 17-15].

·        2 alternate serves each and 1 serve each when the score is levelled at 10-10. Easiest way to
           remember would be to change serve when the points add up to an even number. [ie. 2-2, 8-6].

·        Always count the score of the server first so that you wont confuse yourself.

·        A WIN = 22 points, A LOSS = 0 points + BONUS SYSTEM

·        MERCY RULE = 44 points.

·        MERCY RULE applies when you reach 7 points prior to your opponent scoring in any given set.
                The set would now be completed and a next set is played if required. 

·        If you lead 2 sets to 0 then the 3rd set is not required and you would automatically be awarded 22
         points for the 3rd set.

·        MASTER DIVISION PLAYERS areIMUNED to the BONUS SYSTEM. Whatever points you score
         off them are what you keep. You will walk away a winner if an ass-whooping was not handed to you
         or going down to them with 2 x MERCY RULE.

·        Scores are to be sent to me or update in the FORUM for records keeping and ladder. CC your opponent in.

·       DONOT worry about the BONUS SYSTEM as I will work it out for you when your scores are sent in.

·       There will be no enforcement of I.T.T.F rule for tossing the ball up more than 14-16cms when serving
         however, please try to serve behind the baseline.

·        Make friends and have fun on the tables.

·        Shoot me an email if you require clarifications or you would like to make suggestions.

Networks Table Tennis League 2011 | The Ultimate Table Tennis Championship | Administrator : Jay Vupham